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GLRE-E is an OEO based GEPON power budget extender. It is a physical layer repeater device in the fiber link between the optical line termination (OLT) and optical network unit (ONU). This active power budget extender can expand the maximum reach of the fiber link beyond 20km and increase overall fiber split ratio beyond 1:64 as specified in IEEE 802.3bk, even with PX10 systems.
GEPON Reach Extender is composed of an ONT transceiver and an OLT transceiver. The transceivers are hot pluggable SFP type with SC/UPC receptacle interface. Downstream transmission has 3R regeneration with clock recovery and upstream has 2R regeneration without clock recovery. The reach extender is powered by 100-240V AC source via an AC/DC adaptor. To minimize the power consumption, transmitters in both directions are automatically shut-down when no optical signal from OLT to the reach extender is present.
The reach extender is capable of working transparently with GEPON systems defined in IEEE802.3 standard.


Fully compliant to standard GEPON system operation
Power budget extension for GEPON for longer fiber link and larger split ratio
100-240V AC power supply with AC/DC power adaptor for easy operation
High extinction ratio in upstream optical signal
Auto-TX shutdown in absence of the downstream signal from the OLT

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